Twisted Sister 

By Angel

Original and custom one-of-a-kind jewelry
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Featured Pieces

Ivy League

I enjoyed making this piece for several reasons. I was able to first and foremost get back to my original roots, which is working with sea glass (see my bio for significance). I've seen a lot of sea glass but none like this one. I think it is kind of magical in that it seems to have internal lights. The materials I used with this unique and beautiful piece of sea glass are fresh water pearls and Swarovski crystals. I used a combination of techniques to bring this piece together: wire wrap, wire sculpture, and wire weave. This piece is (as all of my pieces are) one of a kind. 
Treasure Trove

As many of my pieces are, this piece is clearly sea-inspired. I used fresh water pearls, rice pearls, Swarovski crystals, shells, beads and a combination of wires to create this necklace. Florida has been the vacation destination for my husband and me for years. The sea, sand and flora are awe-inspiring and ever changing. The sights, sounds and smells not only delight all of ones' senses but seem to calm and rejuvenate the soul. My intention when making this piece was to try to translate some of that beauty into my art.

Rose's Beads
I had the most touching and amazing experience at an art show last July. A lovely woman named Dianne visited my booth, and we chatted about jewelry and other things as she looked at my work. In conversation she told me that she had handmade Venetian beads that her late mother bought in Italy thirty-plus years ago. Dianne told me that her mom, Rose, collected and loved all things roses. She said she didn’t wear necklaces and had been looking at several shows over the years to find an artist to give them to that would use them and understand the sentiment behind them.

She told me I was the one! I was so struck and honored that she would entrust me with such a valuable treasure. She didn’t have them with her that Saturday but said she would bring them to me later. The following Sunday she came to my booth with a black velvet drawstring bag and opened it up to reveal Rose’s beautiful beads! Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with emotion.

What a wonderful gift! What a kind, generous, and sweet thing to do. It took me a while to have the courage to deconstruct the strand and figure out what my first creation would be. Posted below are photos of the beads before and the finished piece.

Many thanks to Dianne and posthumously to Rose for such a special gift! I hope I have done them proud. ❤❤❤ This beautiful piece is now available for sale!