Twisted Sister 

By Angel

About The Artist

I began making jewelry as an outlet for my grief and frustration after suffering multiple personal losses in a short period of time. I needed to find something that would provide an escape.

I started working with wire, sea glass, beads, and crystals. It gave me some relief. Time seemed to stop so I could catch my breath. The world goes away, nothing is left, and nothing is happening except creating. I get lost in the process. It is cathartic and calming.

When I complete a piece, I hope it will "speak" to someone and that they "get it "and they will have something I created that is personal to them and brings them joy.

I love the motion in the wire, the different shapes and directions. Following the curves, twists, and turns is a journey. It's a walk through a garden; it's wind making the trees dance and the leaves talk.  I always use something that sparkles and catches the eye. I feel when that element catches the light, it's like a whimsical "wink" that gets your attention and reminds you that there are things in heaven and on earth that are not readily visible but nonetheless very present and real.

I am self-taught so there are no rules to break, just lessons to learn. I love all colors, but my favorite color "dejour" is royal blue. I like the richness, the depth, and the ability it has to either be the rock star or the backup singer and is as dramatic in either role.

Initially, I made custom "memory " pieces for my family and friends, created exclusively with sea glass. Sea and beach glass is used in grief therapy as a tool for healing. Sea glass, in its original form, is sharp and jagged. Over time, the tides and sand smooth the rough edges, much like the healing process. I would have my family pick the glass based on their level of healing. To my delight, it seemed to help in some small way.

As I learn and progress, I find there is a raw aspect to my art that remains. Imperfect as we are - and as the world is - beauty, passion and joy can be found in the midst of it all. Each piece I create comes preloaded with love, heart, and soul.

After much twisting, bending, manipulating, and generally beating up the wire, I discovered that the result was a "pretty thing". Inspired by the memories of my loved ones lost, I began to heal through the process of creating "pretty things" and thus, "Twisted Sister Designs by Angel" was born.

It is my intention to create something beautiful, unique, tactile, and healing that will bring joy, happiness, and comfort.

Finally, I have learned on my journey that life is not lived in a straight line and it is much easier to navigate if you're a "little twisted" ❤️.


  Remembering with love my Angels, my loves, my inspiration, (parents) Bill, Evelyn & Lawrence & my big brother Larry