Twisted Sister 

By Angel

Welcome to my store! I'm so excited to share my wearable art with you. I developed a unique technique and method using wire. It's a combination of wire wrap, sculpture, and mosaic to create my one of a kind wearable art pieces. I call it “wire fusion.” I integrate sea glass into many of my pieces as well as fresh water pearls, semi-precious stones, shells and beads, Swarovski crystals and beautiful and interesting finds in nature. I use unexpected color combinations and name all of my pieces as I feel once they develop and are born, they deserve a name. My art is inspired by all things in nature, but the sea in particular. I hope that the love and passion for my art is reflected in my finished product. The heart, soul and a bit more about my process is more clearly defined in my bio under “about the artist”. 
Happy shopping!
Love, Angel